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Please note that these documents are being made available as a means of providing outreach to both library and non-library resource description communities and assisting the Joint Steering Committee in its work. Under no circumstances should the documents be copied or re-transmitted without prior consultation with the Chair of the Joint Steering Committee. Drafts and proposals are not an official part of RDA until they have received final approval from JSC and have been formally published.


This site contains working documents used by the JSC and constituencies in the preparation of RDA from 2005 onwards. JSC documents of an administrative or restricted nature are not included. When documents are regularly revised, only the latest version is made available. See also the Explanation of JSC document numbering.

Translations of RDA Supporting Documentation

JSC encourages the translation of RDA Supporting Documentation by national bibliographic agencies or other interested parties. RDA Supporting Documentation refers to documents produced by JSC to support the development and implementation of RDA. Examples of RDA Supporting Documentation include: 5JSC/Sec/6 [Deferred issues]; 5JSC/Sec/6 [AACR2 Changes]; 5JSC/RDA/Element Analysis.

JSC requests that interested parties notify the JSC Secretary before starting work. The secretary maintains a record of work in progress to avoid duplication of effort and to encourage collaboration between different national communities. On completion, translations should be sent to the JSC Secretary so that they can be posted on the JSC Website.

Translations of RDA Supporting Documentation are not formally evaluated by JSC. The latest English language version of the text should be regarded as authoritative.

Translations of RDA

RDA Supporting Documentation does not include the text of RDA. The RDA text is strictly the copyright of the American Library Association (ALA), the Canadian Library Association (CLA), and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). Translations must be licensed by the copyright holders. ALA handles translation licenses on behalf of the copyright holders, and any enquiries should be sent to Publisher, ALA Digital Reference, (Troy Linker).

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Background Documents

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Strategic Plans

Constituency Proposals

ACOC Document Series

  • 5JSC/ACOC/1 [URLs]
  • 5JSC/ACOC/2 [Maori & Pacific Island initial articles]
  • 5JSC/ACOC rep/1 [Levels]
  • 5JSC/ACOC rep/2 [Additions based on MARC 21 elements]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/1 [Revision of RDA, Names Written in a Non-preferred Script]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/2 [Revision of RDA, , etc., Recording Place of Production, etc.]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/3 [Revision of RDA 2.5.2, Designation of Edition. etc.]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/4 [MARC to RDA gap analysis]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/5 [Compilations in RDA chapter 6, Discussion paper]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/6 [Revision of RDA, Recording transmission speed]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/7 [Compilers and editors of compilations – Amendments to RDA 20.2.1]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/8 [Addition of the Copyright holder relationship – Amendments to RDA and Appendix I]
  • 6JSC/ACOC/9/rev [Qualifications after an identifier – Amendments to RDA]

ALA Document Series

  • 5JSC/ALA/1 [Digital media]
  • 5JSC/ALA/2 [Digital media proposals]
  • 5JSC/ALA/3 [Specialist cataloguing manuals]
  • 5JSC/ALA/4 [AACR2 rule 5.5B1]
  • 5JSC/ALA/5 [Comments on RDA Scope and Structure]
  • 5JSC/ALA rep/1 [Prototype of rules for description]
  • 6JSC/ALA/1 [Revision of RDA Reports of one court]
  • 6JSC/ALA/2 [Revision of RDA 11.2.2: Heads of State and Heads of Government]
  • 6JSC/ALA/3 [Revision of RDA 9.13, Affiliation]
  • 6JSC/ALA/4 [Change to RDA 7.24 and Glossary, Artistic and/or Technical Credit]
  • 6JSC/ALA/5 [Revision of RDA 6.21 (Other distinguishing characteristics of a legal work) and (Additions to access points representing treaties, etc.)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/6 [Revision of RDA (Recording Associated Institutions) and (Recording Affiliations)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/7 [Revision of RDA 2.12.8 and 2.12.16, regarding recording ISSNs]
  • 6JSC/ALA/8 [Revision of RDA, Additions to access points representing musical works with titles that are not distinctive]
  • 6JSC/ALA/9 [Initial Articles in Place Names (RDA]
  • 6JSC/ALA/10 [Revision of RDA, Recording Edition Statements]
  • 6JSC/ALA/11 [Revision of RDA (Recording Copyright Dates)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/12 [Revision of RDA (Recording Medium of Performance)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/13 [Revision of RDA instructions relating to librettos and lyrics for musical works (RDA,, Appendix I.2.1, and Glossary)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/14 [Revision of RDA instructions for arrangements and adaptations of musical works (RDA and]
  • 6JSC/ALA/15 [Hearings in RDA]
  • 6JSC/ALA/16 [Revision of RDA 3.19.3 for video encoding formats and addition of a new element for optical disc characteristics]
  • 6JSC/ALA/17 [Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA Chapter 3: Discussion Paper]
  • 6JSC/ALA/18 [Proposed Revision of RDA Instructions for Government and Non-Government Corporate Bodies]
  • 6JSC/ALA/18/Addendum [Proposed Revision of RDA Instructions for Government and Non-Government Corporate Bodies: Examples]
  • 6JSC/ALA/19 [Proposed Revision of RDA 16.2.2 (Preferred Name for the Place)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/20 [Proposed revision of RDA and, Basis for Identification of the Resource]
  • 6JSC/ALA/21 [Proposed Revisions of RDA instructions on Sources of Information (RDA]
  • 6JSC/ALA/22 [Revision of A.29, Capitalization of Hyphenated Compounds; changes in Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition (2010)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/23 [Revision proposal for RDA instructions for treaties]
  • 6JSC/ALA/24 [Variant title as access point (RDA,,,,]
  • 6JSC/ALA/25 [RDA Appendix K Revision and Expansion]
  • 6JSC/ALA/26 [Colour Content (RDA 7.17)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/Discussion/1 [Machine-Actionable Data Elements in RDA: Discussion Paper (2013)]
  • 6JSC/ALA/Discussion/2 [Treatment of Subjects in RDA]
  • 6JSC/ALA/Discussion/3 [Instructions for Recording Relationships: Discussion Paper]
  • 6JSC/ALA rep/1 [Revision to: Categorization of content and carrier]
  • 6JSC/ALA rep/2 [Missing instruction in RDA]
  • 6JSC/ALA rep/3 [Review of RDA Vocabularies: Extent terms]
  • 6JSC/ALA rep/4 [RDA Vocabularies: Miscellaneous Issues]
  • 6JSC/ALA rep/5 [References in the RDA Glossary and the RDA namespace]
  • 6JSC/ALA rep/6 [Note on Manifestation and Item]

BL Document Series

  • 6JSC/BL/1 [Title of person]
  • 6JSC/BL/2 [3.11.4 Layout of tactile text and 3.13 Font Size]
  • 6JSC/BL/3 [Terms of rank, honour or office: Revision of RDA 9.4.1 and 9.19.1]
  • 6JSC/BL/4 [Other designation associated with the person: Revision of RDA 9.0, 9.6.1 and 9.19.l]
  • 6JSC/BL/5 [Fuller forms of name: Revision of RDA Optional addition]
  • 6JSC/BL/6 [Other place associated with the person: Revision of RDA 9.11]
  • 6JSC/BL/7 [Change to Definition of Profession or Occupation]
  • 6JSC/BL/8 [Change to 19.3 and Appendix I. Recording relationships to persons, families, and corporate bodies associated with works of unknown or uncertain origin. ]
  • 6JSC/BL/9 [Change to 2.2.4 to remove parallel title proper]
  • 6JSC/BL/10 [Revision of,,,,,,,,, B.1, B.11 to eliminate use of abbreviations for places]
  • 6JSC/BL/11 [Revision of RDA 11.4 and 11.13 and Glossary]
  • 6JSC/BL/12/rev [Revision of RDA 11.7 and 11.13]
  • 6JSC/BL/13 [Revision of RDA 9.6]
  • 6JSC/BL/14/rev [Revision of RDA]

CCC Document Series

  • 5JSC/CCC/1 []
  • 6JSC/CCC/1 [Proposed revision to Glossary definition of vocal score]
  • 6JSC/CCC/2 [Proposed revision to,, and, Compilations of Musical Works]
  • 6JSC/CCC/3 [Proposed revision to, Instrumental Music Intended for One Performer to a Part]
  • 6JSC/CCC/4 [Proposed revision to, Groups of Instruments]
  • 6JSC/CCC/5 [Proposed revision to, Accompaniments for Songs, Lieder, Etc.]
  • 6JSC/CCC/6 [Instruction for choosing the preferred title for choreographic works (RDA]
  • 6JSC/CCC/7 [Proposed revision to instructions, "Two or More Parts,", "Compilations of Musical Works," and, "Two or More Parts"]
  • 6JSC/CCC/8 [Proposed revision to instruction, "Additions to Access Points Representing Compilations of Musical Works"]
  • 6JSC/CCC/9 [Proposed revision to instruction, "Recording Numeric Designations of Musical Works"]
  • 6JSC/CCC/10 [Proposed revision to Appendix B.1 General Guideline to explicitly include the usage of units of measure expressed as symbols]
  • 6JSC/CCC/11 [Revision of RDA (Titles of Parts, Sections, and Supplements) and RDA (Collective Title and Titles of Individual Contents)]
  • 6JSC/CCC/12 [Revision of Appendix D regarding capitalization practice]
  • 6JSC/CCC/13 [Revision of RDA 1.7.3 (Punctuation)]
  • 6JSC/CCC/14 [Revision of RDA 3.5.3 (Dimensions of still images)]
  • 6JSC/CCC rep/1 [Undifferentiated name indicator]

CILIP Document Series

  • 5JSC/CILIP/1 [Abbreviations]
  • 5JSC/CILIP/2 [Dimensions of binding]
  • 5JSC/CILIP/3 [Accessible formats]
  • 5JSC/CILIP/4 [Irish initial articles]
  • 5JSC/CILIP/5 [Introductory words]
  • 5JSC/CILIP rep/1 [IME ICC 5.2.4]
  • 6JSC/CILIP/1 [Chapters 12-16, 23, 33-37, Group 3 entities and "subject"]
  • 6JSC/CILIP/2 [Date of signing a treaty (,]
  • 6JSC/CILIP/3 [Field of Activity (9.15) and Profession/Occupation (9.16)]
  • 6JSC/CILIP rep/1 [Machine-actionability and interoperability of RDA value vocabularies: a discussion paper]
  • 6JSC/CILIP rep/2 [RDF representation of RDA relationship designators: discussion paper]
  • 6JSC/CILIP rep/3 [RDF representation of RDA relationship designators: a follow-up discussion paper]
  • 6JSC/CILIP rep/3/Appendix/1 [RDF representation of RDA relationship designators. Appendix 1: Unconstrained properties for RDA relationship designators]
  • 6JSC/CILIP rep/3/Appendix/2 [RDF representation of RDA relationship designators. Appendix 2: Inverse properties for RDA relationship designators]
  • 6JSC/CILIP rep/3/Appendix/3 [RDF representation of RDA relationship designators. Appendix 3: Property hierarchies for RDA relationship designators]
  • 6JSC/CILIP rep/3/Appendix/4 [RDF representation of RDA relationship designators. Appendix 4: Directional labels and definitions for RDF properties based on RDA relationship elements and designators]
  • 6JSC/CILIP rep/3/Appendix/5 [RDF representation of RDA relationship designators. Appendix 5: Issues relating to minor changes in the RDA Toolkit] [if not handled by the JSC via email in September 2013]

DNB Document Series

  • 6JSC/DNB/1 [Parts of the Bible: Books (RDA]
  • 6JSC/DNB/2 [Larger place – Revision of RDA (Recording the Preferred Name); 16.2.2;;;;;;;;;]
  • 6JSC/DNB/3 [Attributes of manifestations: Instructions for more than one instance of an element]
  • 6JSC/DNB/Discussion/1 [Discussion paper: First issue v. latest (current) issue]

JSC Music Working Group Document Series

  • 6JSC/Music/1 [Proposed revision to instructions, "Two or More Parts,", "Two or More Parts,", "Two or More Parts," and, "Two or More Parts"]
  • 6JSC/Music/2 [Proposed revision to instruction, "Preferred Title Consisting Solely of the Name of One Type of Composition"]
  • 6JSC/Music/3 [Proposed revisions for medium of performance (RDA 6.15.1,,, and Appendix E.1.1)]

LC Document Series

  • 5JSC/LC/1 [AACR3 A0 rules]
  • 5JSC/LC/2 [AACR3 area 4]
  • 5JSC/LC/3 [Archival and manuscript resources]
  • 5JSC/LC/4 [Musical format information]
  • 5JSC/LC/5 [Internationalization]
  • 5JSC/LC/6 [Family names]
  • 5JSC/LC/7 [Breton initial articles]
  • 5JSC/LC/8 [Bible Uniform titles]
  • 5JSC/LC/9 [Video format characteristics]
  • 5JSC/LC/10 [Numbering for serials]
  • 5JSC/LC/11 [Designation of Roles in RDA]
  • 5JSC/LC/12 [Musical works and expressions]
  • 5JSC/LC rep/1 [Self-describing discussion paper]
  • 5JSC/LC rep/2 [Selected topics on naming the work]
  • 5JSC/LC rep/3 [Changes over time]
  • 6JSC/LC/1 [RDA Appendix A]
  • 6JSC/LC/2 [Date of manufacture (RDA 2.10.6)]
  • 6JSC/LC/3 [Elimination of RDA treatment for 'names not conveying the idea of ...']
  • 6JSC/LC/4 [Punctuation guidance for see also references used with relationship designators]
  • 6JSC/LC/5 [Clarifying date associated with the person and core requirements]
  • 6JSC/LC/6 [Additions to RDA (Corporate Bodies considered to be creators)]
  • 6JSC/LC/7 [Changes in content characteristics]
  • 6JSC/LC/8 [Revision of RDA and RDA]
  • 6JSC/LC/9 [Revisions to Date Associated with the Person (RDA 9.3, 9.3.2, 9.3.3)]
  • 6JSC/LC/10 [Revision to RDA (Number, date, location, of a conference, etc.)]
  • 6JSC/LC/11 [Revisions to Date associated with the corporate body (RDA 11.4, 11.4.3, 11.4.4, 0.6.4)]
  • 6JSC/LC/12 [Priority order of additions to authorized access points representing a person (,,]
  • 6JSC/LC/13 [Adjustment to exception for recording acronym/initialism titles in favor of base instruction (, exception)]
  • 6JSC/LC/14 [Revision to RDA (Recording Dates Associated with Persons), H.1 (B.C. and A.D. Dates), and associated examples to clarify recording date spans]
  • 6JSC/LC/15 [Reorganization of instruction on saints in]
  • 6JSC/LC/16 [Additional exception in (Title or Other Designation Associated with the Person) for titles of religious rank]
  • 6JSC/LC/17 [Reorganization of instructions for recording extent (,]
  • 6JSC/LC/18 [Revisions to Change of Name of Jurisdiction or Locality (RDA]
  • 6JSC/LC/19 [Additional instructions for preferred sources and preferred titles in different languages or scripts (RDA and]
  • 6JSC/LC/20 [Revisions to RDA Chapter 6 to treat "Selections" as a work attribute]
  • 6JSC/LC/21 [Clarification of leaves and pages ( and Glossary)]
  • 6JSC/LC/22 [Revisions to Date Associated with the Person (9.3) when recording more than a year alone]
  • 6JSC/LC/23 [Language of the Family (10.8)]
  • 6JSC/LC/24 [Revisions to instructions for production, publication, distribution and manufacture statements (2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 2.10)]
  • 6JSC/LC/25/rev [Recording dates in more than one calendar (RDA,,,,,]
  • 6JSC/LC/26 [Changes to instructions on liturgical works (]
  • 6JSC/LC rep/1 [Three corrections for the RDA text]
  • 6JSC/LC rep/2 ["Selections" as used in RDA Chapter 6]
  • 6JSC/LC rep/3 [Chapters 12-16, 23, 33-37 (Group 3 entities and "subject")]
  • 6JSC/LC rep/4 [Treatment of Choreographic Works in RDA]

RDA Examples Group 3 Document Series

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